The Grumpies have been roaming free and causing destruction on planet Earth for hundreds of years. Now the Earthlings are joining forces in an effort to end this chaos by banishing The Grumpies forever into the blockchain. Will that be enough to stop them?


Total Grumpies 3,333
Backgrounds 8
Fur 12
Clothes 24
Head 22
Eyes 27
Mouth 24



3,333 unique computer generated Grumpies will be available for minting on the Ethereum Blockchain. Mint a Grumpie and enjoy the benefits that the club has to offer.


The Crypto Grumpies collection will be featured on, Rarity Sniper and other major websites.


At this stage, we will create a community wallet, which will help for the advertisement of the Crypto Grumpies. We will also launch our merch for all our loyal holders.


We will give away 5 Ethereum to 5 winners on our pinned tweet


We will officially launch the $GRUMP. It's time for all the Crypto Grumpies holders to claim yours. We will buy a virtual land piece on decentraland so you can proudly showcase your grumpies and engage with the community while doing so.

3D Meta Grumpies

After the main sale of the Crypto Grumpies ends, we will move on to launching the 3D Meta Grumpies collection which will consist of 10,000 uniquely generated 3D Grumpies.

. . .


Our team has been working on creating a new 3D collection of the grumpies. The 3D Meta Grumpies will be launching in the coming weeks, after the main sale of the Crypto Grumpies ends. Owners of the Crypto Grumpies collection will be able to mint one 3D Grumpie for absolutely FREE of charge. And not limited to, owners will have the opportunity to join exclusive virtual events.

*Note: This is a demo presentation made with existing traits. The final version may differ from this one.


What drives the Grumpies to cause destruction and make evil plans is their $GRUMP. Every Grumpie will produce up to 10 $GRUMP tokens every day. The $GRUMP token will be launched when 100% of the Grumpies are minted. With the $GRUMP token you will be able to stake it, buy merch at our shop, and even use it to upgrade your Grumpy.

$GRUMP Shop (Coming Soon)

Visit our Grump Shop where you will be able to spend your $GRUMP on clothes, looks, and other wonderful assets!

$GRUMP Supply

Coming Soon

$GRUMP Smart Contract

Coming Soon


Crypto Grumpies are a collection of 3,333 unique mean creatures causing chaos on Earth. They’re all programmatically generated from 120+ hand-drawn traits.

The presale was sold at the price of 0.035 eth. The second presale starts on February 18th, 2022, at 9 AM EST and the price will be 0.05 eth.

Minting will be available through our official website and smart contract address only. On the second presale day, you will be able to purchase Crypto Grumpies at a cost of 0.05 ETH. 

You will be able to see it by connecting your crypto wallet to OpenSea once you have minted a Crypto Grumpies NFT.

We recommend you using Metamask wallet (mobile version is possible also).

Stay tuned grumpies! We will release the merch after 50% of the NFTs are minted.

$GRUMP tokens can be earned by staking your NFT on our staking website (launching when 100% is minted). The base reward will be 10 $GRUMP per day for one NFT.


Young Yeti

Co-founder & Dev


Co-founder & Dev



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